Extract from The Hollywood Times article by Sheryl Aronson:

Hollywood,CA (The Hollywood Times)- Judd Nelson spun around in a chair like a kid pointing his head upwards to the ceiling wearing the SamsungVR Gear goggles and earphones, then twisting his head backwards and then straight ahead as he watched the six-minute Virtual Reality movie Defrost. The viewer has a 360-degree perspective of the story and feels completely immersed in the experience.   The movie is seen through the virtual reality goggles, which is the newest, advanced technologically for the virtual reality experience.   No popcorn needed while the audience member enters into a whole other dimension of existence.

After debriefing from his joy ride of revolving on the chair, the actor told The Hollywood Times, “It’s fascinating. Everything is happening at once and you can see 360 degrees around. When someone is walking by in the shot you can follow that person even if they don’t have any lines…it’s sort of nerve wracking too because all of a sudden there’s a character behind you. Someone can creep up on you from behind.”

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