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Forget The Mandalorian, there’s a much more exciting Carl Weathers project coming soon, and it’s in VR!

Weathers just one part of a surprisingly large cast in Defrost. In this VR series, viewers embody Joan Garrison, a wife and mother that is cryogenically frozen after suffering a stroke in the present day. She wakes up in 2045 and is reintroduced to her family, but soon finds that the 20+ years in suspended animation are the cause for a few rifts in relationships. You meet different members of her family and explore what’s changed with them over the past few decades. It’s sort of like Futurama but not a comedy.

You watch events unfold from Garrison’s perspective. Weathers appears to play a doctor in the series. The cast also includes Harry Hamlin (Clash of the Titans), Bruce Davison (that guy that melted in X-Men), Veronica Cartwright (the one that screams a lot in Alien) and Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon). It’s written an directed by Randal Kleiser and consists of twelve episodes, each around five minutes long.

A behind the scenes look at the series is above (with a brief glimpse of Carl Weathers!).  It looks like an interesting experiment with a focus on characters first and foremost. The series made its debut at Sundance some time ago and has been seen at the likes of Cannes, ComicCon and SXSW since.

Defrost launches on April 25th on the platform. You’ll be able to watch it on headsets like Oculus Go and Rift. The piece supports stereoscopic 360 views.