The live-action, virtual reality short Defrost takes viewers on an adventure that explores the question of what it would be like to wake up and reunite with loved ones after being frozen for nearly 30 years. Lead Artist Randal Kleiser and Key Collaborator Tanna Frederick, also the project’s producers, worked with associate producer Manuel Perezcarro and a talented team of actors, artists, and VR professionals to tell this futuristic story from an intimate and immersive perspective.

The team has used Creative Cloud for years. They particularly like being able to use Premiere Pro CC on different platforms and its easy integration with other Adobe applications for titling and graphics work. “For Defrost, specifically the codec versatility of Premiere Pro CC is unparalleled,” says Perezcarro. “We’re working in uncharted territory with new VR cameras and the ability for Premiere Pro CC to handle any new file type without missing a beat speeds up our entire post workflow.”